因为专注 所以专业 Our Focus Is Professional Service

我们综合考量创新、技术、质量、环境等因素,致力于开发和生产高附加值的互联网产品,从而建立和维护客户关系。 Comprehensively considering innovation, technology quality, environment and other factors we are committed to the development and production of high value-added Internet products to establish and maintain customer relations

产品设计 Product design

The professional team that has created over 100 million Daily Active User products will design excellent products to meet your needs

技术开发 Technological development

Our R&D team has leading edge technology and abilities in high-quality and agile product delivery, enabling us to meet diversified market demands ahead of time

品牌&运营 Brand & Operation

与咨询服务、品牌线上全栈式整合传播 产品推广、产品运营等
we provide professional brand marketing communication strategy Consulting services for full-stack integrated communication of brand online Product promotion and product operation

云解决方案 Cloud Solutions

整合网络优化与数据中心功能 全力解决产品稳定性和安全性等问题
We provide fully integrated services for your private cloud
Integrate network optimization and functions of data center
Fully solve problems on product stability and safety


Global network for busineess travel, luxury concierge
service, fast payment Financial platform for every
elite who keep seeking a better life.

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乐马专车 Lema Car

Lema Car is committed to tailor-made for
distinguished Lema members We provide the
best private car services

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泛亚生活 Panasia

Committed to providing a one-stop service platform
for comfortable life, rich and comprehensive
functions, convenient and fast service

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白狼宫面杀助手 Werewolf kill

A super professional Werewolf killing and killing
tool software, different levels of players have
different zones to compete

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乐客服 Lema Concierge Service

Lema International Luxury Travel Service Platform
Your choice , We care

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微餐时代 Micro Meal Era

Industry-leading SaaS food management software
based on cloud technology to create a brand
management system for the food industry

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公司简介 Company profile 人才战略 Talent strategy 工作环境 Working environment 联系我们 Contact us

傲创网络科技有限公司是一家跨国公司,员工来自不同国家和地区,有着共同的企业文化,这种文化是基于诚信、勤勉和对技术的执着以及长远发展的追求。 AWESOME ULTRON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a multinational company. Employees come from different countries and regions, sharing a common corporate culture that is based on integrity, diligence, dedication to technology, and the pursuit of long-term development.

人才是一种战略资源。公司以吸引人、发掘人、培养人为文化和战略,对优秀人才的重点培养,定能成就面向未来的顶尖人才梯队。 Talent is a strategic resource. With attracting, exploring, and training as the company’s culture and strategy, we focus on the training of outstanding talents and develop the top talent team facing the future.

致力于创造并提升多元化工作环境。我们相信来自不同背景、文化、卓识、激情和才华的人才便拥有了产生创意无限的机会,从而满足多元化全球客户需求 We are committed to creating and improving a diverse working environment. We believe that talents with different backgrounds, cultures, insights, passions, and rich talents should have unlimited opportunities to generate creativity, so as to meet the diversified needs of global customers.

地址:No 635-637,莫尼旺大道, 万景岗3分区,桑园区,金边市
Shin Huang:awesomeultrontech@gmail.com
The company is located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia that is currently in rapid development. The open and free market economy policy highly liberalizes economic activities. With low labor cost, the company enjoys Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) treatment.
No 635-637, Monivong Blvd, Boeng Keng Kang III Commune,Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Shin Huang:awesomeultrontech@gmail.com

企业文化 Enterprise culture

愿 景 Vision

东南亚互联网领航企业 技术领航东南亚,产品惠及全社会 to become the leading Internet enterprise in Southeast Asia Our technology leads in Southeast Asia, our products benefit the global society

精 神 spirit

做人:团队优先 开放心态 平等分享 互信互爱 做事:容新 容错 激情 敬业 极致 Everything is still based on user value

使 命 Mission

以领先的技术惠及东南亚国家与人民 to benefit Southeast Asian countries and peoples using leading technology

价值观 Values

做人简单 做事极致 创业激情 团队务实 交付敏捷 simplicity in life, giving our best, entrepreneurial passion, pragmatism, rapid delivery

签证办理 Visa application

公司提供入职机票及办理签证、劳工证 The company provides entry ticket, visa, and labor permit.

节日礼金 Festival gifts

生日、结婚、生育以及重要节日的礼金 Employees receive cash gift for birthday, wedding day, birth of child and important festivals.

带薪年假 Annual leave Paid

员工享有每年15天的带薪年假 Employees enjoy 15 days of annual leave paid every year.

探亲福利 Home visit welfare

公司提供探亲福利,包含往返机票 The company provides home visit welfare, including round-trip air tickets.

人性化管理 Humanized management

无需打卡,自由安排以有效地工作 No attendance card flashing, flexible working hours to work effectively.

活动 Activities

每个月一次团建,每周一次下午茶 Team building once a month, afternoon tea once a week.

MacBook MacBook

我们在办公室提供MacBook We provide MacBook in our offices.

体育活动 Sports activities

公司提供免费健身房设施 We provide free of charge gym facilities.